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Train for your black belt, help develop your childrenÓú»nfidence, or simply stay fit and balanced with the expert martial arts instructors at Top Notch Karate! See you at the dojang!
- Master David Laughlin, Founder


for September & October

Jordan C
Cameron M
Riley C
Dwight H
Lionel H
Riley M
Dillan B
Paige M
Thomas T
Ellie M
Bert T
Derek Z

Congratulations to all!!

 Demo Video

Luis Demo at Holiday Party

Demo Team Video



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March 2018


Tyler C (Dan)
Frank D (Dan)
Oscar W (Dan)
Albert H (Dan)
Dillon T (Dan)
Arya G (Dan)

Brian A (1st Dan)
Molly S (1st Dan)
Amy S (1st Dan)

Elena Z (4th Dan)


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For me to get up early and go to class, I have to really enjoy it. Learning Tai Chi at Top Notch is something I truly enjoy!
- Anne Hull, Tai Chi Student
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